Hip Flexor Strain
Tearing of the hip flexor muscle (iliopsoas), typically following a kick on the run or rapid acceleration movement. Associated with localised pain at the front of the hip, difficulty lifting the thigh and often pain on performing a hip flexor stretch.

Groin Strain
Tearing of the adductor muscle, typically following a forceful kick or change-of-direction movement. Associated with pain on firmly touching the affected region and localised, one-sided groin pain, often aggravated by stretching the affected muscle.

Labral Tear
Damage to the cartilage lining the hip joint (labrum). Pain is usually deep, although may present as vague groin pain. A clicking or catching sensation may also be present. Symptoms are usually exacerbated with weight-bearing and twisting activities.

Referred Pain
Pain referred to the hip or groin from another source such as the lower back or sacroiliac joint, often associated with symptoms above or below the hip (such as lower back pain or stiffness or pain in the thigh, lower leg, ankle or foot). Typically associated with pain on firmly touching the region responsible for the referred pain. Sometimes in association with pins and needles or numbness in the affected leg or foot.

Less Common Injuries

Femoral Neck Fracture
A break in the upper aspect of the thigh bone, usually due to a fall onto the side of that hip or thigh. More common in elderly patients (particularly women) and those suffering from reduced bone density, such as osteoporosis. Pain is usually quite severe and often results in an inability to weight-bear.

Inguinal Hernia
A protrusion of abdominal-cavity contents through the inguinal canal located at the front of the hip/groin. There may be associated swelling and tenderness on touching the affected area. Pain may be elicited by coughing, sneezing or straining it.