Pain in the Achilles and heel is a common clinical presentation particularly in individuals involved in repetitive strenuous activity such as excessive walking, jumping or running. Occasionally sedentary individuals may also be affected. Symptoms may present suddenly due to a specific incident or gradually over time.

One common condition is the patient suffering from gradual onset Achilles pain, typically as a result of overuse, the cause of which is often degeneration and inflammation of the Achilles tendon i.e. Achilles tendonitis.

Patients presenting with sudden onset pain in the Achilles region are also common in clinical practice and often occur due to a specific incident. In these instances, an Achilles tendon tear is the most likely cause.

Below are some of the more common causes of pain in the Achilles and heel region, with a brief description of each condition to aid diagnosis.

Conditions have been organised according to sudden or gradual onset and common or less common conditions for ease of use.

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