If your physiotherapy clinic is listed on the website but you currently don’t have ‘Page management / the ability to edit the clinic profile’ you will firstly need to Claim your Clinic to do so. Once Claimed, you will be able to fully manage and edit your clinic profile whenever you may need to.

Below is a step by step guide to:

A. Claim your clinic OR

B. Edit/Update your clinic profile.

If you  have any problems please do not hesitate to contact the team. Contact

Claim Your listing

Once you have found your clinic using the Find-a-Physio search tool you have the option to see what the physiotherapy clinic has to offer via the Clinic Profile page. This page contains information such as, the clinic address, about the clinic section, treatment section and also contains a contact form if a user would like to contact the clinic directly. 
search results - claim listing
Once on the Clinic Page, scroll to Is this Your Listing? and click on Manage/Edit/Update your Listing.
is this your listing

Once clicked, you will then be taken to the ‘Log in’ Pop up Screen. It is here where you can either Log in or Sign up to Find-a-Physio

If you haven’t already registered select ‘Sign Up’ and enter a username and email address.

Your password will be sent to your email address, once received please you can then Log in via the repeating the above steps. (Search for your clinic, Once on the clinic page click Manage/Edit/Update your Listing, Enter your new Log in details and click Login)

Once Logged in you will be taken back to the Clinic Listing page. On returning to the Clinic Page once again click, Manage/Edit/Update your Listing. This time, instead of seeing the Log in screen you will see the following success message on the bottom of your screen. The success message lets you know that your ‘Clinic Claim’ has been submitted and will be processed by the support team.
 Once confirmed your ‘Clinic Listing’ will appear in your ‘Edit my Listing’ page. To access the ‘Edit my listing page’ select ‘Register / Log in’ from the top menu and then select ‘Edit my listing’  

edit my listing

 Note.  If your clinic does not appear on your ‘Edit my Listings’ page within 24hrs please contact Find-a-Physio.
job dashboard page-claim listing

How to Edit a Listing

From the ‘Edit my listing’ Page you have the option to ‘Edit’ or ‘Delete’ the listing. To edit your listing click on the edit button. You may need to hover your mouse cursor to the right of the Listing expires column.
Once on the edit listing page you can now edit the details for your clinic. All you need to do is type your updated information in the text fields available.
edit my listing - claim listing JPG
To save your changes select ‘Save changes’

You can easily see your changes by selecting the ‘View’ option.

Alternatively you can return to the website homepage and continue using the website by clicking Find-a-Physio.