Advertising a Job or Course


Find-a-Physio is quickly moving towards one of the UK’s most visited physiotherapy specific website and is unique ‘One Stop Shop‘ is becoming increasingly popular with its users. The website is currently viewed by over 15,000 unique individuals every month and has a growing social media following.

But we don’t stop there…..

Find-a-Physio’s offline marketing and presence at local and national events has helped Find-a-Physio become a house hold name.

Targeted marketing

The physiotherapist section of the website has been designed to provide a ‘One Stop Shop‘ for physiotherapists, a must feature when we redeveloped the website. The web is a wonderful place and allows users to find anything with a click of a button but unfortunately this may mean that users have to view several websites to find the information they are looking for. A BIG problem identified by current Physiotherapists.

The new physiotherapist section of the website solves this problem by bringing Blogs, Podcasts, Jobs, Courses, Journal reviews all on one site. The only Physiotherapy on the web to to do so.  In short, Find-a-Physio provides a ‘One Stop Shop‘ for Physiotherapists and far greater reach for recruiters.

The website is also supported by our social media presence and complimented by our monthly newsletter.


The pricing on our website has been kept extremely low to assist everyone to post a Job or Course.

Job listings currently start at £19.99 (only ONE job is permitted per listing).

Course listings currently start at £9.99.

We do not charge anything extra !

All you will pay is the listing price! Unlike a lot of companies, we do not add  ‘Placing a candidate fees’ or ‘Course attendee fees’.


List your Job or Course

At Find-a-Physio, we understand the pressures involved with recruitment / running a course so we have tried to make listing your Job or Course as simple and as hassle-free as possible.

Click to complete the quick, easy-to-use listing form and get your listing posted today.

We look forward to helping you fill your Job / Course!  

If you do however have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the team.


Advertise your Product


Find-a-Physio has several advertising options available for companies wishing to place their brand / product on the website. Bespoke advertising options are available, including geographical product placement and time allocation.

To tailor an advertising campaign to suit your business needs, you can contact us online or call 0203 150 1232.